Complimentary Consultation
Your first consultation with us would be complimentary. We will examine your mouth, identify your concerns, and discuss treatment options to help you make an informed decision. We will work with you to reach your smile goals within your budget and schedule.


Just came in for my first appointment at Smiles Plus Dental Centre and it was awesome! I had my dog with me and they welcomed us both. The level of care is unbeatable, pricing is reasonable. Dr. Basseri is very experienced and her confidence gives you an at ease feeling. The experience was very pleasant. She and her team are shiny, kind and professional.The front office was welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and answered all of my question. I did not feel rushed in any way. I’ve already booked my next appointment for myself and my husband. Highly recommend the Smiles Plus Dental Centre.

Selene McCowan

It has been a fantastic experience every time I visit Dr. Baseri for my dental work. She is very professional and has always given me the best and most honest recommendations in regards to my teeth and my overall oral health, keeping in mind both short & long-term outcomes as well as considering cost to patient. I highly recommend her and her practice and all the lovely staff.

Kassra Mobini

Very nice and clean! The staff is very friendly that will make you feel comfortable. Dr. Basseri is very patient and knowledgeable and I liked it how she explained my situation that gave me the confidence about my procedure. I've changed many dentists and I was always looking for someone like her. Definitely recommended.

Eric Corp

I recently had to leave my previous dentist for lack of attention to my teeth. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and so my teeth amd gums are very vulnerable. I was lucky enough to fall upon Dr. Anastasia Kranias's Clinic. Dr. Kranias found 9 cavaties and took me right away. I'm just so sorry it took me so long to find such a warm and friendly team. My mouth feels so much better. I now have a full new strong mouth because of Dr.Kranias. Thank you !

Laurie Lucas

My family and I had been going to Dr. Kranias for dental work for about 30 years. Two years ago I changed to a dentist closer to my home and have just recently returned to Dr. Kranias. Nobody can compare with her as to the quality of her work, the thoroughness of her hygienist, and her friendly, pleasant, capable staff. Her needles don't hurt, she does super cosmetic dentistry, is gentle, kind and very experienced. My teeth have never looked so good. I am thrilled to be back with her.

Lois Haines

Dr. Anastasia Kranias has been our family dentist for over 15 years and we are very pleased with the quality of dentistry we receive. Her kindness and her smile make us feel at home every time and help us overcome our fears. We are always amazed at her knowledge and her office’s technology and level of care. Mostly we like the painless injections we get with the help of the "WAND".

Elias & Cathy Koutinas

My husband Frank and I have been patients of Dr. Kranias since 1980. I get very anxious when I go to the dentist but throughout the years Dr. Kranias has helped ease much of my anxiety with her calm, caring and reassuring manner. There have been times where I have needed to see her on an emergency basis and both Dr. Kranias and her staff have accommodated me quickly. Dr. Kranias’ knowledge and ability to listen has helped us throughout the years with making decisions about the best treatment as it relates to our dental needs and care. The staff at the office with their friendly and knowledgeable approach makes going to the dentist at times like visiting family and good friends.

Mary and Frank Peluso

Dr. Kranias is a Gem. She has been my dentist for over 8 years and each time I go into Her office: Her and her team treat each patient with the utmost care and kindness. Her Receptionists are sweet. Her assistants are thorough and Cheerful. I actually Look Forward to going to the dentist now .One: Because It's such a wonderful atmosphere full of warmth and care and two: because I know My teeth are in Wonderful hands . I Cannot say enough beautiful things about Dr. Kranias and Her Team.

All My Heart,
Cat Forsley

Dr. Anastasia Kranias has been my dentist for about 20 years. She is graced with having outstanding skills and a sensitive approach that makes you feel confident and at home irrespective of the problem she is helping you with. Several years ago, I went in Spain to visit the clinic of a friend who is a dental surgeon and professor of dentistry. Out of curiosity, he examined the work Dr. Kranias had done in my mouth (bridges and crowns). He commented that its quality was such that great dental clinics in Europe and the US (where he had studied) would be proud of it. The most remarkable thing about Dr. Kranias is that she achieves such high competence while providing her clients with emotional support and friendship.

Juan Pascual-Leone MD. PhD.
Emeritus Professor of Psychology
York University.

Dr Kranias has been my dentist now for over 25 years. As most of us, I don't exactly look forward to going to the dentist. I have to say however, Dr Kranias and her staff make my visits pleasant with their camaraderie. I feel confident that I am receiving good care. I have recommended Dr Kranias to many of my friends and family whom are also happy patients.

Gina G

Dr. Kranias has done a superb job in restoring the health of my teeth. Warm, friendly and easy- going, she has made the familiar 'dentist experience' far less daunting. I enjoy every visit!

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