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Dentures are prosthetic devised constructed to replace missing teeth. Can be supported by soft tissues only (full dentures) a combination of soft tissue and teeth (partial dentures) or by dental implants.

If dentures are made well, they improve the esthetics, facial appearance, chewing ability and speech, providing an acceptable solution to a debilitating problem. It takes considerable patience and experience for a dentist to know how to make a denture.

An upper full denture is usually straight forward to manufacture and is stable and retentive (holds in place). A lower full denture though can be problematic, especially if the patient has lost a lot of jaw bone and retention is poor. The function of the tongue and cheeks tends to worsen the situation. The solution in this case is to increase the stability and support of the denture by dental implants.

Even two implants are enough to provide amazing results. An implant supported denture ensures comfort due to less irritation of the gum, confidence due to less risk of slipping out, appearance and function. Patients with implant supported lower dentures have increased chewing efficiently and can speak more clearly. © 2020 - All Rights Reserved